Winding Path

There is nothing more telling than choosing to follow the path back to what feels natural to only find yourself in the flames once more. I have done this over and over again, never really learning from my mistakes, and I have found myself feeling frustrated and broken. I know I am not the only one who has gone through this and so I feel it is important today to remind each of you that our lives are winding paths. We can often circle back and around many times over. We see the same scenery even. Still we find it may take us more than a few times to learn the lesson.

I want to tell you to not be discouraged. We can beat ourselves up and say we do not understand how we could be so dumb. We ask how we didn’t see the lesson in the first place. I say to you that your lesson was more ingrained. It took more than a few times but it was like putting on a few coats of paint. You have less chance now of getting scratches or having the wall look dull. You will be even more prepared for the next time!

Look at your winding path and see the beauty in your learning. Your path is worth each and every step and you may even find that you are able to teach others from the lessons you have learned because you have more experience to back it up. Your resume, which you see so negatively, of past mistake experience, is one which is a testament to those searching for proof as to why they shouldn’t follow that same path. It is the reinforcement to those seeking guidance. It is the badge of honor you wear for having fortified your lesson so it is solidified in your being.

Your winding path is beautiful. It is full of wisdom. It is full of a life well lived regardless of your own personal view. Every negative brings a positive and every negative you have endured is a positive you bring to this crazy world. Find the places on your path where you can look back with love and gratitude knowing you have grown and changed.

2 thoughts on “Winding Path

  1. Thank you, I needed to find and read this post today. Although I know this, it is so nice to see it when I forget.


    1. Jade, Thank you for finding these words and taking them to heart. I hope they can help you in your current situation. Wishing you so much love and light!


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