Ethereal Sexuality and Sensuality Healing

Your Sexual Experience Is More Than Physical

Too often sex is labeled as being a physical experience. Working with us through our methodology of connecting the Ethereal, Physical, and Electromagnetic bodies each of us has, one can begin the process of opening a deeper and more meaningful understanding and sensations of sexual pleasure. Sexual connection becomes a spiritual practice, elevating one’s self, and creates deeper bonds with our partners. Just as important, one can find themselves once more and view sex as a deeply bonded experience with ourselves and our partners.

Furthermore, the experience of sexual orgasm can be learned to reach beyond the physical body. The sensual nature of the sexual experience will become heightened and more intense for those who are able to unlock the connections between our spiritual bodies and physical. Through methods of meditation, blockage removals, and chord cuttings we open a road to heightened senses, endurance, and especially emotional connection. For advanced students tantra is possible.

While all of this sounds amazing and can be tantalizing to the curious, the most important work with Ethereal Sexual and Sensual Healing is mending trauma from one’s past. Not every sexual experience has been pleasurable and being able to once again feel free, open, and unashamed of one’s sensual side growth and rebirth can begin.

Within our teachings we will focus on the following aspects of Ethereal Sexual and Sensual Healing:

CHORD CUTTING- Removing past energetic bonds with partners who no longer serve us.






Sessions can be private, group, or partner based. Any sexual relationship is welcome and encouraged so long as it is consensual and the partners are of consenting age. Participants of our courses must be 18 years of age or older and understand sexual services are not to be rendered. These classes are focused on a deep healing within the Chakras, Ethereal Bodies, and Physical Body. Any person attending our courses who uses these teachings to harm another will be persecuted to the full extent of the law and is not condoned by Ray of Light Healing, Yes Witch, or Whitney Wickham.

Should you have questions, concerns, or are interested in booking a session please contact us. We look forward to helping you bring self-love and deeper spiritual love into your relationships.


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