Here are Ray of Light Healing I love to Live Life With Intention. Your life is a constant flow of motion. It never stops and neither do you!

Psychic services including tarot and oracle readings, spiritual guidance and energy healing sessions, Reiki, mediumship, paranormal investigation, sacred sexuality, crystal and aura healing, hypnosis and past life regressions, and general divination are available. Please note that these services cannot and should not be a replacement for medical advice.

Astrology and Numerology services are sent by email and require information to be completed. These services will be rendered to you through the form of a PDF and are quite lengthy. Please allow a turn around and delivery time of 10 business days.

Living Life With Intention

When you book one of my sessions, my focus is to aid you with any blockages, past trauma, and any energy healing that may be needed. I use a plethora of methods from Intuitive Energy Healing and Reiki, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Guided Messages, Meditation, Pendulum Work, and more!

I have my own personal brand of Energy Healing from Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Teachings but am more than willing to work the Traditional Japanese Reiki for those who feel more comfortable with this technique. Energy Healing is non-evasive and works within the emotional side a person’s life experiences and world view as well as the energy of the metaphysical and energetic bodies.

Using energy healing and deep soul work I can help you cut ties with your past and move forward in a more centered and well-rounded flow of energy to help you manifest your best reality. 

Things which can be worked on in these sessions are:


Each session is performed live through a virtual meeting. The calendar of availability is visible to you upon purchase. I value your time and prepare each session with care to ensure your best results!

PLEASE NOTE: ETHEREAL SEXUALITY AND SENSUALITY sessions are only for people of 18 years of age or older. No sexual services will be rendered. This service is to work with a person to better their sexual health and wellness in understanding their own personal soul connection through energetic and physical orgasm with or without a partner. To work through past sexual traumas and better future and current relationships. Any use of the knowledge learned in my courses to harm another person will be persecuted to the full extent of the law and is not accepted by Ray of Light Healing, Heka Healing/Heka Ministries, or Whitney Wickham. The work within Ethereal Sexuality and Sensuality is meant to bring peace and understanding between mind, body, and soul.

Sessions and readings are not and cannot be considered legal or medical advice. For legal reasons all sessions are for entertainment purposes only and are non-refundable. Whitney is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and a current Ph.D student of Parapsychology and will soon be a Minister. Any and all information provided to clients in regards to questions and guidance are for the purpose of entertainment under United States Law.

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